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Friends today I bring you Bulu financial package VIP Default Gliss file many of you have been saying for a long time bring Bulu financial package VIP Default Gliss file for full outfit preparation so today I bring you Bulu VIP Default Gliss financial package the file I have come. Today's pack is a much requested pack by all of you and you can easily play this pack in your game, also you can record the screen, you can do anything with today's pack, how to download the pack, everything is explained in details in today's post.

What does the blue economy package contain?

Friends many of you know what is usually included in a complete dress package and for those who don't know I will tell you that the package usually contains a cap, shirt, pants, usually all in one package, the package of today there is everything. , a package, Max, shirt. There are panties. There are a whole bunch of blue packs and money. And today's pack adds the entire preset to the game. It's usually the character you have when you log into the game or when you open a new account, ie the character and the Adam character come with the default full day pack.

The item that was raised with which item

Friends usually have a set of hair with hair, tag with tags, prepare a shirt with a shirt, a set of pants with pants. So in today's package, everything matches.

That means if you download default poems your Bulu product will become financial poetry and if you download default tags your device will be maxed and if you download virtual shirt you will get financial shirt. And you need to install the whole package by downloading the standard in the same way.


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